The Pastry of Dreams TM
Little Sweet Dreams of Paris
Voted "2013 Best Macaron in Houston"

The Pastry of DreamsTM was born from the inspiration of a French-Mexican-American duo that has already made an impression in France.

Winners of a contest against a Michelin Star Pastry Chef in France and winners of "Le Grand Concours Macaron" in Houston, the husband-wife team is delighted to entertain Houstonians with their flavor-driven sweets.

Elizabeth, a Mexican-American pastry chef and Texas A&M bio-chemistry major, was raised in Houston and trained in France at Ladurée, Lenôtre and Ducasse.

Sébastien, a food and beverage specialist, was born and raised in Southern France trained in France, the United Kingdom, the Pacific Ocean and the United States.

"Our mission is to revive French and European pastry & dessert classics adding our own twist and creativity to each one of them... and only the best ingredients!" Elizabeth Laval